"Ideas are easy,
implementation is hard"

Guy Kawasaki

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Global Investments

At Ruudmann Global Investments we empower those highly talented innovative thinkers,  who are not only capable of figuring out a pioneer idea, but also have the characteristics of building up their dreams.

As a venture capital firm, we support companies from early stages to the growth ones and give them the opportunity to accomplish their goals. Our aim is to be a long-term partner for those organizations who want to establish enduring businesses and implement their breakthrough performance. We invest companies even from day zero to help their step-function growth and be capable of continuous improvement. We give founders the possibility to create and formulate their winning strategy, conceptualizing and fulfill the optimal financing structures, and also recruit ingenious manpower. We like to partner those businesses who want to reach market leadership and help all of their strong efforts to build legendary companies.

At Ruudmann Global Investment, we share the passion of being a serious entrepreneur. In the past 20 years we have selected a knowledgeable team with a wide range of experience in their professional background. Our team provides efficient techniques to take shape and accomplish the highest growth potential of different businesses.

Our contributions mainly take part in the field of IT Industry, Automotive Industry, Beauty Industry, Advertising industry, Building and Construction Industry and Interior design. We are already grateful for those brilliant minds whom we could collaborate with in the past 20 years and thrilled to be a part of the newcomers from all over the world.

Areas of Practice
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Market Research

A fundamental component of our Market Research process is carefully investigating the targeted market based on its past and present data and using it to forecast the potential future trends in the affected area.

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Venture Capital

Ruudmann is not only helping to develop an excellent business and financial plan for your business, but also helps to find potential investment partners and financing options.

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Financial Guidance

A key to a business’s longlasting success relies not in raising a towering Capital but rather in managing the acquired Capital efficiently. Ruudmann offeres an extensive Technical and Financial Guidance.

Our Primary Goal
We strive for Excellence
Our Primary Goal
We strive for Excellence

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Our Primary Goal
Entrepreneurs are better off with trusted investors
Our Primary Goal
Entrepreneurs are better off with trusted investors

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ruudmann Global Investment we devote great importance of the global sustainability. We have invested in employee working conditions to reduce resource use energy consumption and facility needs by using technology innovations. We also have improved an effective high-tech communication system for our staff and clients for “greener” operations. We use the possibility of teleconference and web conferencing programs thus our team can collaborate without unnecessary travelling or commuting.

Furthermore we continuously think about the opportunities and the solutions how we can establish our products and businesses in the most environmental-friendly way. At our company we are conscious about using and creating recycling-oriented and environmentally “preferred” materials. We encourage our partners and employees as well to take care of energy usage, figure out the best use of equipment and be concerned about emission.

At Ruudmann Global Investments we believe that our effort helps to develop a healthier, “greener” future.

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Business Planning
We are here to help you reevaluate your current business strategy and set new business priorities, determine a product roadmap or make new investment decisions.
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Financial Design
When the business plan is in order we help your business to develop a tailored financial plan. Working with a wide range of financial plans and investment partners.
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Business Development
Our high success rate lies in what we do after a business has started off with its starting capital. We continue to assist with our comprehensive Technical and Financial Knowladge.

“The future isn’t built by one alone. It is more of an outcome attributed to many great minds and hands working together. This is why we started Ruudmann. To help businesses live up to their highest potential!”

Sipka Csaba,